GitiWinterW2 SUV

The new Giti winter tyre for SUV and CUV vehicles


Features and benefits

New directional tread pattern redefines dry, wet and snow performance

Strong traction plus braking on snow, great performances on wet roads, and a very quiet driving experience

Latest generation tread compound

A new functional polymer, pushes wet/dry and snow grip performance to the next level

New shoulder block design with advanced tie-bar design

Improved Control and driving precision in wet and snow handling as well as increased flexibility and an optimised contact surface in cornering

German Engineering

From the circuit to the road . Perfect for you and your car.

Low noise emission and extraordinary grip.


Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
215/65R16 98 H SL 3PMSF D B 71 B
215/60R17 96 H SL 3PMSF D B 71 B
215/65R17 99 H SL 3PMSF D B 69 A
225/65R17 102 H SL 3PMSF C B 69 A
235/55R17 103 V XL 3PMSF C B 69 A
235/65R17 108 H XL 3PMSF C B 69 A
235/50R18 101 V XL 3PMSF C B 69 A
235/55R18 104 H XL 3PMSF C B 69 A
235/60R18 107 V XL 3PMSF C B 69 A
255/50R19 107 V XL 3PMSF C B 72 B

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