GitiControl P80 R/F

An ultra-high performance R/F summer tire for large SUV


features and benefits

Strong Cap ply with Aramid Fiber, with sidewall reinforce design

Strengthen the crown and side wall, to improve the control performance

Strong double-layer artificial silk materials

Enhance the impact of force of carcass and better control

Soft and smooth tread rubber with multi materials

Enhanced grip on wet ground and shorter braking distances

German Engineering

From the circuit to the road. Perfect for you and your car.

Low noise emission and extraordinary grip.


Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
225/60R17 99 V SL M+S D B 70 B
255/55R18 109 W XL M+S C B 71 B
235/55R19 101 W SL M+S C B 70 B
235/55R19 101 V SL M+S D B 70 B
255/50R19 107 W XL M+S C B 71 B
255/55R19 111 W XL M+S B B 71 B
255/55R20 110 W XL M+S C B 71 B
265/45R20 104 Y SL M+S C B 72 B
265/50R20 111 V XL M+S C B 71 B
275/40R20 106 W XL M+S D B 72 B
285/45R20 112 Y XL M+S B B 74 B
315/35R20 110 W XL M+S C B 74 B
275/45R21 110 W XL M+S C B 71 B
295/35R21 107 Y XL M+S C B 74 B
265/40R22 106 V XL M+S C B 71 B
265/45R22 109 V XL M+S C B 71 B

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