New all season tyre for vans and light truck commercial vehicles

72 dB

features and benefits

non directional pattern with 3 wide groove

Short wet braking distances and reduced risks of aquaplaning.

German engineered all-season compound with 3PMSF certification

outstanding grip at low temperatures and in wet conditions, firm grip on ice and snow

optimised summer design

Pattern stiffness and shoulders’ blocks rigidity deliver confident highspeed handling and a more direct steering response.

winter roads partner

Multiple sipes maximise the grip on ice and snow and the special compound provides outstanding braking and traction performance on ice and snow.

German Engineering

From the circuit to the road . Perfect for you and your car.

Low noise emission and extraordinary grip.


Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedPLY RatingFuel efficiencyWet gripExternal rolling noise
195/70R15C LT104/102R8PREB72/2
215/65R15C LT104/102T6PREB72/2
215/70R15C LT109/107S8PREB72/2
225/70R15C LT112/110S8PREB72/2
185/75R16C LT104/102R8PREB72/2
195/65R16C LT104/102T8PREB72/2
195/75R16C LT107/105R8PREB72/2
205/65R16C LT107/105T8PREB72/2
205/75R16C LT113/111R10PREB72/2
215/65R16C LT109/107T8PREB72/2
215/75R16C LT116/114R10PREB72/2
225/65R16C LT112/110R8PREB72/2
225/75R16C LT121/120R10PREB72/2
235/65R16C LT115/113R8PREB72/2
215/60R17C LT109/107 (104H)T (H)8PREB72/2
235/60R17C LT117/115R10PREB72/2

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