GitiSynergyH2 SUV

Premium performances, optimised for cross-over and compact SUV


features and benefits

Latest German Engineering silica compound

Excellent grip on dry & wet roads, across wide range of temperatures

Multi-parameter tread contour

Even wear, high mileage

Optimized light weight carcass

Low rolling resistance, less fuel consumption

New pattern approach with stiff ribs

Precise steering, stable braking

German Engineering

From the circuit to the road. Perfect for you and your car.

Low noise emission and extraordinary grip.


Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
215/65R16 98 H SL - C A 71 B
215/60R17 96 H SL - C A 71 B
215/65R17 99 V SL - C A 71 B
225/65R17 102 V SL - C A 71 B
235/55R17 99 V SL - C A 71 B
235/65R17 108 V XL - B A 71 B
225/50R18 99 W XL - C A 71 B
235/50R18 97 V SL - C A 71 B
235/60R18 107 W XL - B A 71 B

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