GitiSportS2 SUV

The new UHP tyre for powerful SUV


Wet driving strength

INNOVATIVE NEW TREAD COMPOUND for extremely short braking distances - Wet Label A (High density polymer gives a superb flexibility which allows the tire to match the slightest bumps and break the water film on the road)
14% improved aquaplaning resistance from previous generation

Enhanced Grip

Strong center section for high-speed stability and dry braking

Precise steering

Balanced, stiff shoulders for precise steering and immediate response

Smooth Driving

Optimized pattern block geometry & sequence for low noise and smooth riding

features and benefits

4 wide grooves (5 grooves for sections >265mm)

exceptional water drainage

Micro sipes on the contact area

additional suction and grip effect

Brand new compound

superb grip across wide temperature ranges, secures EU wet label "A"

Optimized pattern block geometry & pitch

Low noise tyre and more driving comfort

German Engineering

From the circuit to the road . Perfect for you and your car.

Low noise emission and extraordinary grip.


Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
255/55R18 109 Y XL - C A 69 A
235/55R19 105 W XL - B A 70 B
255/50R19 107 Y XL - B A 69 A
255/55R19 111 Y XL - B A 69 A
245/45R20 103 Y XL - C A 69 A
255/45R20 105 W XL - B A 72 B
255/50R20 109 Y XL - B A 72 B
265/45R20 104 Y SL - C A 69 A
265/50R20 111 W XL - C A 72 B
275/40R20 106 Y XL - B A 72 B
275/45R20 110 Y XL - B A 69 A
285/40R20 108 Y XL - B A 72 A
255/40R21 102 Y XL - C A 72 B
265/40R21 105 Y XL - B A 72 B
275/40R21 107 Y XL - C A 72 B
295/35R21 107 Y XL - B A 69 A
275/35R22 104 Y XL - B A 72 B
285/35R22 106 W XL - C A 72 A
315/30R22 107 Y XL - C A 72 A

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