What is retreading?

It is the generic term for reconditioning a worn-out tire by replacing the worn tread with new
material. It may also include renovation of the sidewall surface.
The use of modern retreaded truck tires represents a unique opportunity to lower transport costs
and protect the environment without sacrificing safety and reliability. Technological developments
over the last 25 years have been spectacular. Retreading means material savings by reducing the
use of non-renewable raw materials (oil) and less waste on tires – the result is great environmental

Within the EU, retreaded tires are submitted to the same safety tests as new tires, which guarantees
that retreads can run for the same amount of kilometres as new tires, at a fraction of the cost.

Giti truck tires are all retreadableand they are built to be retreaded several times, depending on the application. This is well known and appreciated by most of the European quality retreaders and as result they are listed on most quality retreaders acceptance lists for their retreading programmes

The successful Giti Genesis retread programme, operating in the UK market, demonstrates the high-quality of Giti Truck tires. The Genesis retread program is using Giti casings only in a mold cure process. Non-destructive inspection devices such as shearography use the latest laser technology to detect the very tiniest separation inside a used casing before and after processing the retread.

Purchasing new Giti truck tire means the casing will retain a competitive value when at end of first life is used for retreading.