Giti GDR665


The latest Giti COMBI ROAD drive axle pattern embedded with new technology.

Latest drive axle tread design concept enhancing both traction, braking and mileage

Extended mileage performance and regular wear combined with excellent traction in both dry wet and winter conditions

Specific Details

Features Benefits
Designed and marked COMBI ROAD Designed for use in both traditional long and regional haul conditions
New casing profile with enhanced footprint Improved wear pattern and reduced noise generation when in use
Directional pattern Enhance traction performance and extend tire wear
Sidewall protector ribs Reduces the risk of curbing damage to the sidewall area of tire
Marked 3PMSF Meets the requirements across Europe for 3PMSF winter tires.


Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedRimLoad Single (kg)Load Dual (kg)noise (dB)
315/80R22.5156/150 (154/150)L (M)3PMSF9.00400033503121076762BD