Longdistance services

GDC629 is a specially designed tire for use on coaches and buses drive axles

Advanced 3D sipe design provides excellent regular wear and a very low noise generation

Excellent vehicle stability, handling and provides a very comfortable and silent ride

Specific Details

Features Benefits
Pattern design adapted for suspension systems used on coaches and buses Improve the regularity of the wear pattern, reduce noise and increase passenger comfort
High number of 3D interlocking sipes design with open shoulder Excellent winter and all season traction
Wide pattern design with stabilising rubber elements Improved stability, handling and provides a very silent ride
Non directional pattern Facilitates fleet management of tires
Marked 3PMSF Meets the requirements across Europe for 3PMSF Winter tires. It has the 3PMSF symbol on the tire sidewall


Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedRimLoad Single (kg)Load Dual (kg)noise (dB)