Latest tyre developed for buses operating in severe urban conditions with frequent start and stop operation

Latest Giti development of urban tire with new optimized casing construction

High resistance to curbing and impact damage with excellent mileage performance and high passenger comfort

3PMSF Certified

Specific Details

Features Benefits
Wide and robust tread pattern coupled with new casing construction Enhance mileage performance and handling of vehicle
Advanced siping in centre of tread pattern Reduces noise levels and improves passenger comfort
Reinforced sidewalls with wear indicators Protects the tire from curbing damages and abrasions, the sidewall wear indicator indicates the correct time to rotate or demount the tire
Marked 3PMSF Meets the requirements across Europe for 3PMSF winter tires.


Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedRimLoad Single (kg)Load Dual (kg)noise (dB)
275/70R22.5150/145 (154/148)J (F)3PMSF8.2535502900276958711CD