Mixed Service

An all axle position tire designed for varied on/off road and regional operations.

A combination of rib and lug design with enhanced tread profil gives good self cleaning properties

The anti-cut and chip compound provides excellent protection against damage from impacts, cuts and abrasions

Excellent winter properties and is marked 3PMSF

Specific Details

Features Benefits
New casing construction with optimised tread profil Provides an optimal footprint for improved wear and vehicle handling
Combined rib and lug pattern design Delivers excellent traction and braking properties in all axel positions.
Solid wide shoulder ribs Improves protection of the casing and increases stability and comfort for the driver
New advanced anti-cut and chip compound High resistance against tread tearing from normal use on aggressive road surfaces
Marked 3PMSF Meets the requirements across Europe for 3PMSF Winter tires. It has the 3PMSF symbol on the tire sidewall


Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedRimLoad Single (kg)Load Dual (kg)noise (dB)
295/80R22.5154/149 (152/149)K (L)3PMSF9.00375032502981044711BD
315/70R22.5156/150 (154/150)K (L)3PMSF9.00400033503121014722BC